True art is a profound union between the soul and the intellect. While the entire body is physically engaged, the brain is feverishly active. The artist is in touch with his soul. Some of the great artists I have admired have been Honore Daumier, Van Gogh, Giorgio De Chirico and Rodin.My personal style in linear expression evolved through years of incessant drawing and observation. In painting, my aim has been to create images with a mysterious content of philosophical and romantic interpretations of personal experiences. My sculpture consists of a series of vignettes, or individual figures portraying the characters’ state of mind in daily real life situations. The installations and photomontage works reflect on man’s condition in the Universe, as well as on the ongoing struggle of the contemporary artist in a world of cultural chaos.My hope is that one day a change in the artistic climate will narrow the gap between the public, artists and art institutions of merit. My goal is to reestablish a link between the artists’ world and the world of those who are eager to contemplate art and seek to know more about it. ~Mari Biro




    For most artists, penetrating the walls of the art establishment will remain an unfulfilled dream.  Throughout their life, artists create works of art  while yearning to achieve fame, recognition and success. Mari Biro tells the story of her relentless struggle to break  through the steel gates of the Invisible Enemy, the cultural elite machinery  that holds in its grip the fate of those artists who dream of being seen,  heard  and acknowledged.

    One Artist’s War against The Invisible Enemy is the tale of an artist’s courageous fight told through memoirs, short stories, poems, essays on art, as well as philosophical reflections on existence and the miracle of art from conception to creation. Mari Biro describes her experiences with famous art galleries in New York City and her determination to be seen and heard as an artist who can make a difference in the world.  The book also contains images of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, photomontage and photographs displaying the artist’s large body of work created over the span of over four decades.

    One Artist’s War against The Invisible Enemy is the story of an artist perennially striving to reach the highest plateau of her grand dream.